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KIDCoders has been helping kids develop their own video games since 2016. Our goal is to spread the love of coding and technology with children, empowering them to become the computer programmers of the future. KIDCoders offers day camps and after-school programs for kids from elementary to high school, with the sole purpose of teaching kids the art of programming and game development.

Our day camps and after-school programs are always filled with fun, hands-on activities, and we make it a priority to teach kids the basic concepts of computer programming in a fun and easy way. We cover a variety of basic topics and classes, such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more. We believe that programming is an essential 21st-century skill.

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We have many option to get you started on your coding path. Lightly learn with a 1-day a week class or go all in and become a daily learner, because our courses are a learn at your own pace program you can start when you are ready. Choose the right package for your and start coding today!

"Great staff Amazing camp Beautiful location My sons 3rd summer participating In coding camp Can’t say enough good things"

Mireille Vilain

"Both our boys had an amazing time and would have gladly spent the entire summer coding! The mix of outdoor activity and coding was perfect, the best of both worlds.
Thanks to the entire Nemesis Lan team!!"

Jack Kininmonth

"Fantastic! Coding is the new "learning to swim" and to have fun getting a toe in the pool is such a leg up. We enjoyed very much watching our daughter enjoy her 2 weeks."

Quinn Sumner

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