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Welcome to the #1 local source for kids to learn to code in Montreal KIDCoders Academy!

With KIDCoders Getting started is as easy as 123. If your son or daughter has an interest in video games and computers, our goal is to encourage their passion for technology and guide them into a future career path with our self-paced curriculum. 

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Want to get started? Speak to an expert who will help you find the right course and package for you. Packages start as low as $199 per month.

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KidCoders offers weekly workshops and can accommodate you when you are ready to start. Click the link below to find out when our next session will begin.

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We know that between, zoom at school, zoom at work, and zoom birthday parties, we are just about “zoomed-out”. This is why we have a new way to learn at KIDCoders that will continue to engage your kids without feeling like they are just in another classroom.

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Achieve Greatness!

Did you know kids that learn to code at a young age are more likely to do better in school in all key subjects such a math, english, & science? Don’t take our word for it see what our customers have to saying.

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At KIDCoders we see the benefits of learning to code at and young age.  We are offering all students in elementary school and high school in the greater Montreal area a trial class to see if we are the right fit for you. Register now and start your trial today.

KIDCoders Academy is montreal’s premier location where we teach your kids to code.

We are the #1 source in montreal with ith a unique software that is guaranteed to give your kids a headstart in learning javascript and python at their own pace. 


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We have many option to get you started on your coding path. Lightly learn with a 1-day a week class or go all in and become a daily learner, because our courses are a learn at your own pace program you can start when you are ready. Choose the right package for your and start coding today!

"Great staff Amazing camp Beautiful location My sons 3rd summer participating In coding camp Can’t say enough good things"

Mireille Vilain

"Both our boys had an amazing time and would have gladly spent the entire summer coding! The mix of outdoor activity and coding was perfect, the best of both worlds.
Thanks to the entire Nemesis Lan team!!"

Jack Kininmonth

"Fantastic! Coding is the new "learning to swim" and to have fun getting a toe in the pool is such a leg up. We enjoyed very much watching our daughter enjoy her 2 weeks."

Quinn Sumner

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Want to pay us a visit and see what it is like to learn with KIDCoders? Contact us today and register for your free trial class now! Lets Learn together

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