Coding for Summer Camp Programs

Kids love to play games. Parents and kids alike both love to play games together. And ever since the first video game was invented, adults have been crafting and playing them. But playing games isn’t enough to satisfy our kids—they want to learn more and how to program them! KIDCoders and Educode now offers the best way to introduce your campers to coding, while also having fun and making new friends.

What Kids Can Learn

A course on computer programming emphasizing the program design process and pragmatic programming skills. It will use the Javascript programming language and will not assume previous programming experience.  Material covered will include data types, variables, assignment, control structures, functions, and more!

On-Site Workshops





Web design

Off-Site Workshops



Graphic design


workforce Prep

Grade Levels

3rd - 6th Grade

7th - 8th Grade

High School

Educode for camps is a turn-key solution for your campers. Not only offering an educational component to your camp but also an option to continue their learning throughout the year at your local KIDCoders Academy!




Our Amazing tutors


Since our inception in 2016 we have had nothing but positive feedback! We work closely with CS students in our local educational institutions to vet and insure that our tutors are the best their schools have to offer! This insures a well rounded experience as well as a helping hand to fill in the blanks when needed.

Turn-key Coding Program for your Summer Camp!

Online Tutoring

Looking to bring the future of coding to your summer camp? KIDCoders and Educode are the perfect solutions. We teach youth of all ages how to code. Coding helps kids think differently and gives them a headstart to an amazing future in technology.


Let’s Bring Coding to your camp! 

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