This summer get a head start & learn to code!

Start Coding: After-School

Learn to code after-school in as little as 1 class per week. Learn at your own pace and on your schedule.

Looking to get your kids into coding?

Look no further! Welcome to KidCoders Academy

Montreal’s Youth Tech Academy

We Teach your kids to code!

From ages 9 – 16

Kids Can Learn to Code in a fun and interactive way. Our curriculum is geared to help students learn at their own pace.

Learn in person at KIDCoders Academy in the Pointe-Claire Plaza.

Guided classes. Tracked Progress.

Live in Person help.

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Why Choose KIDCoders?

Coding Basics

Students start out by learning the fundamentals of programming.  Learning to understand the logic of game building through fun and simple activities.

Block Coding

Fun Activities


Game Design

Students who master the coding foundation with block coding are now ready to take the next step by hand-coding languages such as Javascript and Python.




Feel Connected even online

There is nothing like interacting with kids that all have the same common interests. Games, Computers, and Fun!

Basic math Skills

Reading Comprehension

Presentation Skills

Did you know?

KIDCoders offers a unique 2-week summer coding program?

Why your kids should learn code?

Learning to code can be fun! We at KIDCoders believe that kids should learn how to code as early as possible. With the right tools and guidance, kids of any age can learn how to code and create their own programs.

Learn code today!

The benefits of coding are endless. It teaches kids how to think logically and helps improve problem-solving skills. It also encourages creativity and entrepreneurship.

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Coding Languages


Can’t Wait Until Summer?

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Learn from the comfort of home

"Great staff Amazing camp Beautiful location My sons 3rd summer participating In coding camp Can’t say enough good things"

Mireille Vilain

"Both our boys had an amazing time and would have gladly spent the entire summer coding! The mix of outdoor activity and coding was perfect, the best of both worlds.
Thanks to the entire Nemesis Lan team!!"

Jack Kininmonth

"Fantastic! Coding is the new "learning to swim" and to have fun getting a toe in the pool is such a leg up. We enjoyed very much watching our daughter enjoy her 2 weeks."

Quinn Sumner

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