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With our easy to follow, self-paced curriculum & simple school integration, KIDCoders is here to make It as easy as possible to offer coding in your school.

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KIDCoders offers a gamified learning experience keeping learning fun & engaging and retention high.

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FAQ about kidcoders

What makes KIDCoders Unique?

At KIDCoders Academy, we’re not just another coding school – we’re a community of passionate educators dedicated to inspiring young minds through the magic of coding. What sets us apart? It’s our unwavering commitment to creating a joyful learning experience where every child feels empowered to unleash their creativity and unlock their potential. Our dynamic team of instructors isn’t just here to teach code; they’re here to ignite a lifelong love for learning. With a curriculum designed to captivate curious minds and foster critical thinking skills, we turn coding into an exhilarating adventure for kids aged 8 to 14. From our interactive projects to our personalized approach, we’re on a mission to make every coding session feel like a celebration. At KIDCoders Academy, we don’t just teach kids to code – we inspire them to dream big and create the future they envision. Join us and discover the magic of coding with KIDCoders Academy!

Do I need any prior coding experience to enroll my child at KIDCoders Academy?

Not at all! KIDCoders Academy welcomes kids of all skill levels, from complete beginners to those with some coding background. Our classes are designed to accommodate each child’s unique learning journey, so whether they’re taking their first steps into coding or looking to expand their skills, we’ve got them covered!

How are the class sizes at KIDCoders Academy, especially for weekend sessions?

At KIDCoders Academy, we understand the convenience of weekend classes for many families. While weekend sessions may have slightly larger class sizes, rest assured they remain manageable. We maintain a focus on providing individual attention and support to ensure every child has a fulfilling learning experience, regardless of the day they attend.

What's the scoop on age groups at KIDCoders Academy? And how do you make sure every age bracket has a blast with coding?

Hey there! We’ve got the lowdown on age groups at KIDCoders Academy. We’re all about making coding a blast for kids aged 8 to 14. From the youngest tech enthusiasts to the savvy teens, we’ve got something fun and exciting for everyone!

Who are the friendly faces behind the coding magic at KIDCoders Academy? And how do they make learning to code feel like a happy adventure?

Meet the awesome team at KIDCoders Academy! Our instructors are not just coding whizzes; they’re also experts at turning learning into a super fun adventure. With their upbeat vibes and passion for tech, they’ll have your kids smiling and coding in no time!

How does KIDCoders Academy keep the coding journey balanced and joyful for kids?

At KIDCoders Academy, we’re all about finding that perfect balance between screen time fun and off-screen adventures. Our classes are a blend of coding excitement and engaging activities. We make sure your kids have a smile on their face while they learn and explore the world of coding!

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