Nemesis Coding Academy provides the coding curriculum, computers, and teachers for your school grades 3-11

A turn-key solution to computer science initiatives, App Development, Game Design, and STEM learning

About KIDCoders

Over the last 5 years, KIDCoders has graduated hundreds of students ranging from no coding experience to advanced hand coders. We have developed a trusted program that has tracked the progress of our students year after year.

We now offer a turn-key solution for community organizations and/or local schools.

With our new after-school program we are sure to fill the growing need for coding and computer science in our community.

Curriculum for All Ages

Coding has become an essential skill that will continue to grow in importance as technology advances — After 5 years of successful coding camps at our pointe-claire locations we found that the increase in demand could easily be filled with the collaboration of our local schools & community centres. With KIDCoders, students of all ages can develop NEW creative skills and learn to build their own apps and games.


Our curriculum is for grades 3 – 11.  We have a trusted program that aides in the learning and retention process. Our program is fun and engaging for students. Prevent boredom and build genuine interest in learning to code today with KIDCoders Academy’s After-School and weekend programs.

Don’t Just Play Video Games,

Learn to Create Them!

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Before you embark on the journey of learning to code the first step is to join our trial class. Why? This 60 min. class trial to see if KIDCoders is the right fit for you. It will also aid in placing your child in a skill appropriate level.

So you have completed the trial class and you are ready to take the next step! We offer pre-paid class bundles to accommodate any budget!

  •  Small Classes
  • Drop in hours, hands-on computer time
  • JavaScript & Python

Whether you need help to set up a program in your school or for a creative workshop on a trial or project basis, we would be happy to discuss all the options. Contact us to find out more.


(514) 692.4611

We are sure this new program will get your kids excited to learn!

After School Program

In-Person / on-site classes


Tuesday & Thursday

5:30 pm


12:30 pm


Duration: 60 min / Class


Plaza Pointe-Claire
269 Plaza Pointe-Claire #245J  [ Map ]

Benefits of kidcoders:

  • Great for Grades 3 – 11
  • Learn at your own pace curriculum
  • Exceptional Learning Environment
  • Real Coding Languages