About KIDcoders Academy

About us

KIDCoders Computer Academy

We are taking the Next Step to Real-World Coding. Let’s Graduate from the basics and learn the real coding languages of tomorrow.

Why Choose KIDCoders Academy?

Breakthrough the baby steps of coding

While creativity and technology are assets in today’s world more than ever, learning to code for the real world is equally as important. Continue your STEM journey with real-world languages such as Javascript and Python Today!

So now that your kids are mastering literacy and Mathematics….

It is time to ignite their interest in a career path in technology.  With KIDCoders Advanced programs we will have usable projects, games, and apps that can be used as an amazing start to a working portfolio.

Blasting stereotypes out of the water.

Now that you know that gendered stereotypes are irrelevant when it comes to coding and game design, it’s time to show what you can do! At KIDCoders we also teach presentation skills. We teach kids how they can professionally present their unique projects to the world online as well as in person.

Our Focus

Turning Play into REAL World Skills

Our mission is to take the skills they have learned through game design, such as math, problem-solving, design, and public speaking to showcase them in a high quality and professional manner.

Let’s raise the bar for our youth.

With the skills acquired at KIDCoders, we believe that this is the best head start they can have in order to attain a career in future STEM fields. We also know that learning to code teaches them that perseverance and dedication are the way to get there. 

Our courses will challenge each student but will never be unsolvable or discouraging. Our KIDCoder guides will always be there to guide them along the way. Come and experience the KIDCoder Difference today!

  • Real Coding Languages
  • Tech Career Guidance
  • Real world Skills


Grow Together! 

Located in the Amazing City of Montreal!

Montreal Quebec Canada, an amazing place to learn and teach. We are known as a tech city, and we have some of the largest game development studios and companies in the world. We believe a diverse team of educators is essential to the success of our curriculum. Covering all types of ways to get to the finish line. We do not believe in the “one way fits all” way of learning and we continue to strive to adapt our way of teaching to best fit our students. Interested in being part of the KIDCoders TEAM? Explore job openings today.

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